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One of the advantages in being part of a group like NSP is the opportunity to draw from the wide range of experience in the membership, learning from the mistakes and successes of others. In the process of swapping the narratives of our lives with each other, we can come to know ourselves and other much better than before. We also can break out of the emotional isolation so often a part of addiction or compulsion oriented lives. Support meetings are one way for this to happen, but there are others as well.

The Nine Step Pagans discussion list at Yahoo-groups can be used as a forum for us to share our stories and our everyday lives with each other. If your e-mail address gives more information about your identity than you want, sign up for a free, more cryptic e-mail address at Yahoo or one of the many free e-mail services on the internet.

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Share the prayers and rituals that help you get through, by posting them to the
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Opinions are like rectums; we need them to function, but they should not be used to crap on people. If the need to withhold judgmental statements at Support Meetings has you feeling constipated, here is one place you can let go. Not for flaming, but for open expression of opinion, go to the Opininations Board.

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This page is for the posting of your stories, factual or fiction, and poetry. Send stories to stories@ninesteppagans.faithweb.com, and poems to poems@ninesteppagans.faithweb.com. Dont be shy; wed love to hear from you.


Your Story

Tell it.
Or lifes a lie,
love hollow, truth shallow,
you, silent victim, until you
speak truth.

~ Wry

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