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Nine Step Pagans Needs You!

As of the third of January, 2001, Nine Step Pagans is just getting underway. Whether it will fly, what form it will take, how many lives it will touch, all remains to be seen. One thing is clear, however; if NSP succeeds, it will not do so based on the efforts of just one person. Many people will be needed to get things underway and to keep them going.
Do you think NSP is a worthwhile organization, which could help you or those you care about? Do you have ideas about what it could become or how it could be helpful? If so, are you willing to contribute some of your time and effort? We are starting small, of necessity, with a multi-faith, multi-issue, weekly online meeting.
Here are some jobs that will need to be done:

Meeting Moderators. As the program grows in membership, my hope is that the responsibility of moderating meetings will routinely rotate through a great number of NSP members. Initially, though, we will need a solid core of people who can be counted on to lead meetings. Please contact me if you are willing and able to make a commitment to lead a meeting at a given time on a regular basis. Also, see below.

Faith or Issue-Specific Initiators. Do you have a specific addiction or compulsion issue to address? A faith that you believes needs to be represented in NSP meetings? The structure of NSP is intended to be flexible enough to accommodate such needs as they come up, but counts on people to come forward to identify those needs, and to work on the initial phase of starting and leading those meetings. Let me know if this applies to you.

Organizational Competence Providers. If you are good at organizing things, identifying and getting tasks done in the most efficient way possible, please get in touch. This is an area in which I am deficient . Neuro-psychological testing shows that I have very high verbal skills, but am in the bottom 4 percent of the population when it comes to screening out extraneous stimuli…i.e., I get distracted away from task very easily. If NSP is successful, it is likely that I will need help staying on top of all the different tasks; which ones to own, which to delegate, etc.

Web Design People will have noticed that the current Webmaster (me) is no Webmaster. I am not invested in having all the latest bells and whistles, especially if having them means that only high end users will be able to download our pages in any reasonable amount of time, but if you know how to improve the look and appeal of the site without making file sizes unworkable for slower modems, Id like your input.

Internet Traffic Expertise. If Nine Step Pagans meets a significant need, it should thrive. High power proselytizing or marketing should not be necessary, nor can it be afforded. I just want enough people to know we exist, for us to have a chance to establish ourselves as a resource. Ill be doing the standard registering with search engines, etc. I plan to join some web rings, and to post in related sites where allowed. If you have input on how to attain a high degree of visibility, I could use it.

Legal Eagles or Eaglets. Input needed on the nuts and bolts of establishing and maintaining a non-profit organization within the limits of the law. Also, see below.

Finance Raising and Management. At this stage, financial needs of the organization are minimal, but this may not always be the case, particularly if we thrive. NSP will not charge membership fees or dues, and must not be beholden to any companies or special interests, or perceived that way. Ethical means of raising and managing financial resources will likely be necessary, as well as volunteers knowledgeable in that area.

Other Areas. I know I must be leaving out something. Or lots of things. If you know what they are, drop me a line.

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